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What are adaptogens?
So essentially, these are naturally occurring herbs that can improve multiple aspect of your health. One of the most common things adaptogens can do is to moderate your body responses to stress. In a day and age where chronic stress is so common, these herbs could help us as an additional support to actively combat it.
Why have you chosen Ashwagandha, Curcumin & Green Tea extract?
There has been a lot of studies into these compounds for several years. A lot of clinical studies (studies with people) have shown the benefits of each of these ingredient. We chose these adaptogens in the first line of our Adapto Bars because there is a lot of science behind how these ingredients can alleviate stress. Chronic stress is one aspect we keep neglecting till we become ill. Let’s prevent that.
Are they plant based?
No, they are not completely plant based because our bars contain whey protein. Stay tuned though, we’ll be launching another set of plant based nutrition bars soon :)
Why does the Adapto Bar have low shelf life?
We’ve used only natural ingredients in our bars. The only thing remotely close to being processed is the whey protein. Whey protein is created by extracting protein from milk sources. Because of an all natural product, without any preservatives, the Adapto Bars cant have an extended shelf life. Essentially it shows how clean our product is :)
Why did you make the Adapto Bar?
Our entire team loves food and snacking. So rather than quitting this habit, we thought “why not find an alternative”. A snack that’s not only natural and healthy, but actually boosts health! And so we created the Adapto Bar. The ingredients are all natural and the adaptogens serve to better your health and wellbeing.

Its a bar for anybody & everybody loves it